Do you offer tough toys for pups that are heavy chewers?

We know that many pups, large and small, can be hard on their plush friends. Each PupBox is catered to your pup's changing needs, and we include tougher toys for ages and sizes that are typically tough chewers. If you find that a toy included in your PupBox doesn't meet your pup's standard then just reach out to us and let us know ( We will replace any items you don't love, and will work with you to make sure future shipments only include toys that are more suitable for your best fur-end.

A quick side note from the product team at PupBox - We encourage you to embrace your pup's destruction! Make sure to always supervise your pup's play, and take away any stray fluff, rubber, or rope that might become a choking hazard. Ripping a toy to shreds is a great way for your pup to release both mental and physical energy, and we encourage you to let your pup destroy the occasional stuffed duck, monkey or bear : )

Selecting the right toy's that engage your pup is a big part of what we do at PupBox. Holler at us, with any product feedback, and if you don't love something or you feel your pup needs tougher toys please let us know so we can make it right.

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